How To Get Approved For | Media Net Approval Tips Approval TrickHello friends, welcome to our website. Today we will tell you how to get approval within 24 hours. In today's time, everyone wants to do Earning by working online, then people do Blogging. If they do not get the approval of adsense, then they can get their website monetized from

Just like adsense has its own policy, similarly also has a policy and unless we follow it, we will never get its approval. By the way, getting the approval of is not so easy but it is also not hard. If you also want to take approval soon, then in this article, whatever steps we tell you, you have to follow them and also read it till the last.

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How To Get Approval On New Blog Website 

Whatever information we tell you about how to take approvel for on the New Blog Website, you have to keep it well in mind and get your site monetized from it.

1) Your Website Must Be In English. 

The most important and first thing to get the approval of is that the articles on your website should be in full English. This means that your website should not be in Hindi language. If you upload a content written in English language on your blog, then only then you can be likely to get approval.

2) You Have To Buy Top Level Domain. 

You may be thinking that using the free domain and hosting available on Blogger, I will easily take the approvel of so it could not be easier. We are saying this because you can get approval on Blogspot but there is very little chance, Because the Blogspot website is not able to be ranked quickly and it is also written in the policy that you must have a top-level domain. If you have to take fast approval then first you have to purchase top level domains such as .com .in

3) Use Simple And Fully Customizable Template. 

You created the blog website and bought the domain and the template you are using on it is not according to the policy of Your template is not ads friendly, if you have not completely customized it, then its look will not look good and it will not look simple either. So you have to use a simple template on your website.

4) Uploading Unique and Original Content To Website Blog. 

You might be thinking that we will copy someone's Hindi content and translate it into English language and create an article and upload it on your blog website, then your thinking is wrong, because doing this will only harm you. Even if you succeed in doing this, Earning will not happen because Earning will only happen when the article will rank and the article will only rank when it is unique and original. What we mean is that you do not have to copy anything from anyone, rather you have to write what you know.

5) Have To Write At Least 20 Articles. 

When you start writing articles on your website blog, then you have to write more articles. You should never apply for after writing 4 or 5 articles, otherwise your site will be rejected. That's why you have to write at least 20 articles.

How To Get Fast Approval In 24 Hour. 

If you want to get the approval of within 24 hours, then you have to submit your website in Bing, Yahoo, Google search webmaster tools. This will benefit that your post will rank as soon as possible. Traffic will start coming to your website. Traffic is necessary to get the approval of

How Much Traffic Is Required For Approval. 

Earlier it used to be that traffic on the website should have come mostly from USA UK Canada but now there is nothing like it. If your website is getting more traffic from India, you will still get the approval of But it is necessary to bring a little traffic from USA Canada because it is written in the policy, so we have to follow it.

How Did I Get Approval?

I will talk about how I got approval. The team rejected me 8 times. But I too did not give up and went to my website and saw well where the problem lies. I noticed the same problem in my website that there were social links in the sidebar. Then I thought that let's remove the social link in the sidebar. I removed the social links, then applied for and after that I got the approval within 24 hours.


Friends, we hope you will like this information given by us in which we have told how to get the approval of fast. Our article is going to be helpful for a new and old blogger, because those who are not getting the approval of will get it after reading this article. If you have any question related to this, then you can ask us in the comment box and yes, share this article on social media so that we will also get some help and also we keep writing such articles for you.


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