How To Use WhatsApp? Complet Guide And Tips

How To Use WhatsApp Account - Hello friends Welcome to our website Teach Bhawani Singh. In today's article, we will all know and learn how to use whatsapp and what are its benefits.

You must have heard about WhatsApp and almost all of you are also using it. But for those who do not know how to use it, this article is going to be helpful.

People who use whatsapp and that people are new, then a question must have come in their mind that How do I use whatsapp.

I have already written about What Is WhatsApp, by clicking on it you can get all the information about whatsapp.

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How To Use WhatsApp?

The way I tell you in the step, you have to follow the same step and that too one by one.

To use WhatsApp, you have to download it first and only then you can use it.

First of all, your smartphone should have Internet or Wi-Fi. After this you have to come to the play store and download whatsapp.

Now you have to follow all the information given below and read it and with its help you will soon learn to use WhatsApp.

How To Create Account On WhatsApp.

Now we learn about how to create an account on whatsapp in our mobile phones.

If you have downloaded WhatsApp, now you have to open it.

As soon as you open, you see Welcome to Whatsapp looking written and below it is written AGREE AND CONTINUE and click on it.

Again, you will see the written Continue, click on it And for whatever permission Whatsapp wants from you, you have to click on allow.

Now you have to select your Country or it will select the country on its own.After that you have to give your same mobile number on which you want to create your whatsapp account And after that NEXT is written click that.

An 6 digit code message will come on the number you have added and that sim card is in your phone, it will automatically take code or if it is in another phone, then take the code message from there and write it here.

After this, you will get the option of GIVE PERMISSION for Google drive, You can SKIP it as there is no special requirements.

Now you will see Profile Info written and below that you have to write your name, if you want you can also add your profile image. For that, click on the Camera icon and select whatever image you like in your phone gallery.

After that the button with NEXT is visible and has to be clicked on it. In this way your whatsapp account will be created in just 5 minutes.

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When you login in whatsapp, you will not see the list of your contact first, then for that you will see the icon of message here, by clicking on it, select any one contact and how to send message to it. For that, follow the steps given below.

If you want that no one can hack my whatsapp account and to increase its security, then you can read it by clicking on our post WhatsApp Two Step Verification Enable and Account Secure

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How To Send Message On WhatsApp.

To send Messages on WhatsApp, you have to first open the whatsapp number of your friends or family member.

Now you see Type a message looking written, Keyboard will open as soon as you click on it And by writing whatever you want to write Send icon will appear and click on it and your whatsapp message will be sent.

How To Send Photos, Videos And Other Documents On WhatsApp.

Anyone you want to send a photo or video to, for that you have to open his whatsapp number.

You will see link icon, On clicking on it, you are seeing Document, Camera, Gallery, Audio, Location, Contact And of these, you have to click on whatever you want to send.

For example, if you want to send an image or video, so click on gallery, all the images and videos in your phone will be visible and you can select and send them.

How To Record Audio And Send Voice Messages On WhatsApp.

For whichever voice message you want to do, you first have to open that person's whatsapp number and record the voice.

Now you have to click on the icon of the voice record, and for how long you want to record the voice, like 1 minute, 2 minutes or more. For that, click on the Voice record button and hold it down.

When your voice record is complete, release the hold voice button and your voice record will be sent automatically.

How To Keep Status In WhatsApp. 

To keep the status in WhatsApp, you have to click on STATUS written and 2 icons are visible.

Pencil - like icon is visible and By clicking on it, You can write whatever text you want to write.

In this, you can change the background color according to your favorite and can make the text bold as well as add funny stickers. When your text status is completed, click on the send icon.

Camera - Click on the icon that appears like the camera, then your phone's file storage will open and whatever photos, videos are in it will appear and you can select it and keep it in the status.

But when you keep the video status in it, then it can only be kept for 30 seconds.

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How To Make Video Call And Voice Call In WhatsApp. 

If you want to make a video call or voice call on WhatsApp, there are 2 mediums that you can follow.

First of all, after opening WhatsApp, you will see Calls written and you have to click on it. 

Now whatsapp contact you have in your phone will be visible and Any of these contacts on which you want to make a video or voice call, Have to click on it.

Any of these contacts on which you want to make a video or voice call,

After that the second medium is that Open the whatsapp number of the person you want to call video or voice.

As soon as you open you will see video and phone call icon. 

If you want to make a video call, click on the icon of the video or else you want to make a voice call, So certainly click on the icon of the phone call.

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Benefits Of Using WhatsApp. 

Now we will know the full information about what benefits we get from WhatsApp.

In WhatsApp, you can text message to as many people as you want and that too for free.

If anyone wants to send photos, videos or any important file, then they can also send it.

On WhatsApp, we can call any of our friends or family members.

In this you can do both video and voice call.

If you do not know typing then you can give your message to anyone by recording voice with the help of it.

If someone wants to tell his location, he can send his location to another person with the help of WhatsApp.

You can video call with 4 or more people simultaneously on WhatsApp.

If we want to have a good communication with someone, then whatsapp is a very good medium for that.


In this article, we have learned How To Use WhatsApp and what are its benefits. I hope you will like this article and whatever you have questions related to it, you can ask in the comment box. If possible, share it with social media and your friends.


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